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Image by Abigail Lynn



While cultivated blueberries are grown in and around Vancouver, wild blueberries grow naturally in the vast alpine forests of northern British Columbia, together with various species of wild mushrooms.


Every year, in June/July, Kermode Wild Berry Winery sends a fifteen-man team (the KERMODIANS) to the forests of northern British Columbia - for four weeks - to hand pick and collect wild blueberries for our wild blueberry wines. This is very dangerous and hazardous work for the team since the area is also home to many black and brown bears and various species of snakes and the terrain is very rough and mountainous. Nonetheless, as the world’s only producer of alpine wild (organic) blueberry wine, Kermode Wild Berry Winery takes this work as a very serious responsibility.


This ensures the production and supply of its world class, high quality wild (organic) blueberry wines to its many discerning customers and wine connoisseurs globally.

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