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The very high internal production standards, quality control and assurance standards of the wines produced by Kermode Wild Berry Winery have earned us a high international reputation and numerous domestic and international industry awards as listed below. 

  This includes:

  • The Silver Award for Taste & Label Design -Las Vegas Proof Awards in December 2020 

  • The Gold Award for Our Alpine Blue Berry Wine at the Northwest Wine Summit 2006 & 2016

  • The Double Gold Award for the Blue Berry Wine at the All Canadian Wine Summit 2006

  • The Silver Award at the Japan Wine Challenge 2006

Kermode Wild Berry Winery exports its wines worldwide, including to the USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand.

All Canadian Wine Championship
2006 - Windsor, Ontario

  • Double Gold- Best off-dry fruit wine- Alpine Blueberry Wine

  • Double Gold- Best fortified fruit wine- Himalayan Blackberry Port

  • Bronze- Fruit wine off-dry Himalayan Blackberry Wine

Vancouver International Wine Competition 2007 - Vancouver, Canada

Northwest Wine Summit
2006 - Mount Hood, Oregon

  • Gold – Alpine Blueberry Wine

  • Gold- Himalayan Blackberry Port

  • Silver- Himalayan Blackberry Wine

  • Bronze- Blue Elderberry Wine

  • Bronze- Alpine Blueberry Liqueur

Japan Wine Challenge 2006 -Tokyo, Japan

  • Silver- Himalayan Blackberry Port

  • Bronze- Himalayan Blackberry Wine

  • Himalayan Blackberry Port

All Canadian Wine Championship 2007 - Windsor, Ontario

  • Double Gold- Best fortified fruit wine- Blackcap Raspberry Port

  • Bronze- Fortified Fruit wine- Alpine Blueberry Liqueur

Northwest Wine Summit 2010

  • Silver-Alpine Blueberry Desert Wine

  • Silver- Himalayan Blackberry Wine

  • Silver- Saskatoon Berry Liquor

  • Bronze- Mountain Cranberry Liquor

Northwest Wine Summit 2008 - Mount Hood, Oregon

  • Gold -  Sitka Mountain-Ash Berry Wine
  • Silver - Saskatoon Berry Wine
  • Silver - Oregon Grape Wine
  • Bronze - Glacier Bear Apple Sweet 
  • Bronze - Glacier Bear Apple Dry

Northwest Wine Summit 2015

  • Winery of Distinction Award 2015 Runner Up

  • Best Non Grape - Strawberry Wine

  • Best Value Wine - Strawberry Wine

  • Best Value Wine-  Black Huckleberry Wine

  • Gold - Black Huckleberry Wine 

  • Gold - Black Huckleberry Port

  • Silver - Oval Leaf Blueberry

  • Silver - Blackcap Raspberry Wine

  • Bronze - Red Huckleberry Wine

Northwest Wine Summit 2016

  • Best Fortified Wine- Himalayan Blackberry Fortified

  • Gold- Alpine Blueberry Wine

  • Gold- Himalayan Blackberry Fortified

  • Silver- Alpine Blueberry Fortified

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