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Hiking Path in Forest

In 2003, while picking wild blueberries and blackberries in the mountains of Northern British Columbia, to produce some blueberry wines at home for their friends and family, our principal winemakers, together with our picking crew, had a providential and unique moment; they saw and came close to an amazing rare, large white bear, which is unique to northern British Columbia. This rare, large white bear, known as the Kermode Bear – which is also called the “Spirit Bear” - holds a prominent place in the beliefs and oral traditions of the native Nishka Indians and other indigenous peoples of the area. They believe that anyone who sees a Spirit Bear will have much good luck, success and good fortune in their lives.

Based on this personal experience of providence, in physically seeing this Spirit Bear, it was decided to establish a unique winery in Dewdney, British Columbia – THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN CANADA - specializing in only ALPINE wild (organic) berry and fruit wines. To ensure the good fortune and success of their new winery they named the winery and the brands of the wine, Kermode Wild Berry Wines. Presently, Kermode Wild Berry Winery is located on 40 acres of land and grows its own grapes and several varieties of blueberries and berries which it sells to other wine producers.

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